Construction company Pavlicko, s.r.o. is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise with many years of tradition and experience in the field of earthworks for industrial, transportation, water management and housing  constructions.

It has been operating on the Slovak market since 2008, when it was transformed from the company Pavlicko GBR operating for 7 years on the German market.

The company has a wide range of special machinery with corresponding service facilities. To the client, company offers a comprehensive solution from the consultations to the actual implementation, so that the resulting solution best meets the specific conditions of the customer and is as effective as possible.

     Individual approach to demanding customers, high quality and solutions for adequate price is  thanks to the professionalism of the employees included.

From the beginning, we focused on constructions with a high proportion of earthworks. Therefore, we have made investments in the purchase of machinery, equipment and construction machinery. Over time, the company has grown as well as the amount of machinery and employees and the range of services expanded too.

The company with the growth of equipment and the growth of experience in the field of construction has gradually moved from small orders from households to subcontracting for larger construction companies, to the present situation, when the company on its own is able to manage construction works on a large scale, both for private clients and corporate clients, but also for municipalities and towns.

At present, the company has built a stable background, in the form of a number of special machines and mechanization, its own service workshops and, last but not least, experienced and reliable workers. Thanks to these conditions and factors, we are convinced that we are doing our best to satisfy our customers as much as possible. About 20 workers work in the firm, in different professions, according to the structure and nature of the contracts.

Company Pavličko s.r.o. has gained a solid place on the construction market mainly in the region of Eastern Slovakia, but foreign contracts in Germany continue to make up a significant part.